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An investor apartment is meant to be a profitable yield, a pleasant investment. Not a full-time job!

That’s why we’re more than happy to take on the unpleasant tasks and duties of a landlord and act on your behalf as administrators of your property. We take care of the maintenance of the property, carry out apartment tours, find suitable tenants, draw up rental agreements, organize the handover and inspection of apartments and, of course, also do the utility bills.


For landlords, the advantages of KW AG’s special property management are obvious: they don’t have to do anything and still get to reap the laurels of rental income. That saves time (and a whole lot of nerves) because we take over all the tasks which usually arise with the rental of a real estate.


For example, we fix the dates for viewing apartments, post advertisements and look through applications, pre-select prospective tenants, organize the handover and acceptance of the apartments, clarify legal details such as the rental contract or utility bills, read meters, hand over keys, and much more...


Vorteile für Vermieter

The tap’s dripping, the heating’s knocking, the toilet’s clogged. And the landlord is – naturally – unavailable. Again! A mighty frustrating dilemma. Tenants often don’t have it easy. But neither do landlords. Therefore, the special property management – an exclusive service of the KW AG – is advantageous for both parties. This way, tenants have a reliable contact in any event and landlords a reliable service provider who takes care of all tasks and concerns. As if they were their own.