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Verwalter von Studentenwohnheimen


Question: how many universities and colleges are there in Munich? No need to google it, we’ll tell you the answer now: there are 15 first-class institutions with an internationally recognized reputation.

The largest of these – the Ludwig Maximilian University – offers space for around 50,000 students. Many of them come from the other side of the world to study in Munich. And that means it’s quite tricky for them to live with mum and dad. So what can they do? Student residences, of course! The most innovative and trendiest in the city are clearly in the lead. How do we know that? Because they are projects by KW AG.


How long do I need from my student room to the lecture hall? Do I stumble down some stairs all the way from the seventh floor or can I take an elevator? Is there WIFI? A modern communal kitchen and/or a separate fitted kitchen in my room? How far is the nearest supermarket? Burger place? Club?


We know exactly what students want and expect from a student residence. Not least because we have already raised several student quarters from their days of infancy and have been successfully managing them on behalf of their owners for quite some time.


In a student city like Munich, affordable living space is a much sought-after commodity. Rooms never remain empty for long. In the residences, the tenants’ faces change from semester to semester, from study to study. Handing over keys to each and every student room can quickly turn into a full-time job.


To make sure that you as the owner do not have to be on site all the time, we are happy to take care of this for you. With our special property management. And we do this with the same attention to detail, as if the room in question belonged to us.


What is available where and for how long, and how much does the fun cost? Is the room available, and when? A student’s life is, above all else, one thing: fast. Therefore, a student’s needs and wishes would need to be covered at the shortest possible intervals.


We have developed our own application tool for this purpose. It’s already running smoothly via our online portals for our student residence projects: one click and interested parties can apply to our contact persons for one of the available student rooms. We manage and operate the student residences – and you as landlord and owner receive the rental income.


In 2011 KW AG took over the Campus Südseite in Baierbrunnerstraße and has successfully managed the student residence with a total of 286 apartments for the owner since then.

KW AG has also been managing the Imp10 student dormitory in Implerstraße with 60 residential units since 2018.

In addition to the current projects, we have in the past also provided the first letting of the Reserl Student Residence with 268 apartments at Resi-Huber-Platz 1 and subsequently the administration. After the resale, this project is no longer with KW AG.

With our many years of experience and our specially developed application tool, which can digitally map the entire application process, KW AG is your ideal partner when it comes to managing student residences in Munich.

Campus Südseite IMP10