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Gut Keferloh
Keferloh 1c
85630 Grasbrunn

+49 (0) 89 157 01-0, FAX: -199


We are different from other real estate companies. We think outside the box, challenge, are innovative and creative, act loyally and honestly, and find solutions for all situations in life.

We create spaces in which you can feel comfortable and flourish. We support your projects from the very beginning and help you with difficult decisions. We help you to find the right apartment for your individual needs. And we are not afraid to say no.


KW AG is a medium-sized service company in the real estate sector. For more than 25 years we have been specializing in sales (our core competence), the sale of large new construction projects and existing properties in the Munich area. We also offer services such as letting and special property management.

We act according to a very simple philosophy, with which we have successfully established ourselves on the Munich real estate market: "Competent advice, honest support and lasting enthusiasm".


Unlike other real estate companies, we are not satisfied with the minimum. We do a little bit more. Left, right, upwards, downwards. We advise, accompany and inspire with heart and soul.


Our employees are the company's most valuable asset - and the decisive factor for sustainable success. KW AG is very proud to have assembled a great team over the past years.

At KW AG, around 40 employees work at two locations (as of December 2018). Our head office is in Gut Keferloh, there is another branch in Leopoldstraße 206 in Munich. FLEXIBILITY is our top priority!

Our Team


We are doing really well. We have a job that we love. People who enrich our lives. Families that support us. But many are not doing so well. On the contrary.

That is why we act according to the following motto: Those who are on the sunny side should not - and must not - ignore the shady side. And that is why it is important for us to make the lives of those affected a little more hopeful - be it through donations of money or with our own labour.

Help for the bereaved

The loss of a family member is always difficult to cope with. KW AG has been a supporter of the Nicolaidis-YoungWings Foundation for years, which helps and supports half-orphans, orphans, young widows and widowers through these difficult times. For example with self-help groups, grief counseling, financial and legal advice and special projects for children and young people.

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KW AG goes Olympia

In addition to the social heart project, KW AG has also decided since the beginning of 2018 to become active in the field of sports sponsoring.

These are the beach volleyball duo Simon Kulzer and Armin Dollinger from Munich, who found each other last summer and have been pursuing the goal of Olympia 2020 ever since. Now with KW AG as a partner.


Common path due to many similarities

Values, dedication, passion and hard work.

More than just a parallel to entrepreneurship and KW AG and more than another good reason to support these guys and help make their dream come true!


35 winners in 31 years. This also shows that the UnternehmerEnergie Award is only presented to truly excellent companies and outstanding entrepreneurial personalities. Neither company size nor turnover strength play a role, but the development of the enterprise regarding leadership style and leadership quality as well as the value orientation and the extraordinary business concepts and the resulting excellent achievements play a role.


In 2016, Klaus Wallner, Ioannis Pegios, Helmut Klein and Peter Gerlmeier (Management Board of KW AG) received the award from Dr. Dr. Cay von Fournier (Managing Director SchmidtColleg) and Hillmar Wollner (Marketing Director SchmidtColleg).

After the Ludwig Erhard Prize, Top Job and TOP100, the award is now the fourth in the past seven years.