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Most KW customers come to us on recommendation. With independence, expertise and experience, we filter out the right products and opportunities from the financial services market.


Instead of a cash deposit or a bank guarantee, you simply give your landlord the security deposit of our partner and the R + V insurance. TOP benefits as a tenant Only 5.25% of the deposit pay annually Low annual fee instead of high deposit amount Online instant confirmation after credit check No contract, can be canceled at any time No credit! Example: Deposit amount: 1.200 Euro (5.25% of 1.200 Euro) = 63 Euro (Your amount per year - there are no further costs)


Choosing an investment is the first step. Securing yourself should be the second step. We accompany you on your way with our special conditions especially for customers of KW AG.


The tenant owes his rent and you as a landlord escaped revenue that you could count on. If your property has also been damaged, the financial loss quickly rises to unprecedented heights. On the other hand, we have something: With our reliable service, you can calculate and minimize your landlord's risk. This insurance offer pays off: Replacement for missing payments (rental and additional costs arrears) Excess of costs in case of intentional damage or theft Takeover of clean-up and demolition costs Refund of cleaning and renovation costs Acquisition of disinfection and pest control costs Lump sum payment of 3 months rent for rent due to refurbishment Advantages for landlords: great protection for little money Scope for new and existing real estate free credit check of the tenants Sum insured selectable as needed Make a small contribution to the rent cancellation insurance for the good feeling that your financing is secured and the value of your real estate dream is maintained. Arrange an individual consultation now.


Landlord's legal expenses insurance offers legal security for property owners. Disagreements or legal disputes can quickly cause high costs. Typical benefits in the landlord legal expenses insurance are, for example: Disputes over rent increases Repayment of a deposit Registration of personal use Payment unwilling tenants Further conflict potential may arise through differences with the owner community or the property management. Especially effective: Maintain your interests with our powerful landlord legal protection. With this range of services you are on the safe side: unlimited coverage attractive contributions Tax legal protection in real estate matters Special conditions for KW customers Now put on your good landlord right. In the case of a dispute, it is reassuring to be able to "defend" your home or property with a specialized lawyer without risking incalculable costs. Talk to our consultant about your individual offer.
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